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In the werlde es none so gude at nede

In alle this werlde es non so free

To the werlde will I me never gyffe

Ye wote I ame youre werldes fere

In the werlde ther ne was a better knyghte

To the Mont Martyne appon Seyne

When the Sarsyns were yslayne

The Sarsyns buskyd them wyth pryde

Agenste the Sarsyns to fyght

Amonge the Sarazens kene

Agayne the Sarazenes alle

Thore was no Sarazene of myghte ne mayne

He saide he was a Sarazene stronge

A Sarazene als he were

Full many a Sarezene made he to blede

To Rome than wente the Emperoure

And into Rome was scho ledde

How the Emperour of Rome was there

Bot to the Emperoure of Rome

Thay callede hym than Florent of Rome


He kende hir for the Emprice of Rome

And Emprice of Rome hase bene

That Rome sall wrange ayerde bee

In Rome ther was ane Emperoure

In the bukes of Rome als it es tolde

In romance thus we rede

For thus in romance tolde it es

And als it es in romance tolde

In romance als we rede

Als men in romance rede

Here bygynnes the Romance off Octovyane

From Parys mylys thre

In Parys a monyth the oost lay

To Parys sone he come

As the chylde thorow the cyte of Parys yede

Unto Parische als it laye

To Paresche righte thore scho was

To Paresche he broght hur away

Unto Paresche als it laye

To Paresche he tuke the waye

Men callede hym Florent of Paresche

That me to Paresche wolde hafe broghte

To Paresche he tuke the waye

Unto Paresche that ilke daye

And Paresche I hafe hym hyghte


The burgesche of Paresche wer ful fayne

And unto Paresche he yede

A burgesse of Pareche com than nere

At Mountmertrous besyde Borogh Larayn

To lye at Mountmertrous there nerehonde

To the Mount Martyn ther the lady laye

At the Monte Martyne I wolde ye were

To the Mont Martyne appon Seyne

At the Mont Martyn late me lye no more

Fro Mont Martrons there the lady lay

In Jerusalem men can hyt here

In Jerusalem thus gan scho duelle

That hyghte Jerusalem

Into the Holy Londe

In the Holy Lond I hym gatt

Sir there es no man in heythen thede

Mary mayden

And heven qwene also

Now Lorde scho sayd of hevens blysse

Jhesu fadir of heven kynge

In crystendome or hethynnes

Thore was no man of hethen londe

To the Grekkes se thay it bare

And to the Grekkes se scho came

Or he dud the kynge of Fraunce

The kyng of Fraunce and odur moo

Into Fraunce wyth the to ryde

How the Sowdon was yn Fraunce

The Emperour and the kyng of Fraunce

The kynge of Fraunce welecome sall be

The kynge of Fraunce me hedir sende

The kynge of Fraunce with hert ful fayne

The kyng of Fraunce byfore hym yode

The kynges of Fraunce ne es it noghte

Kynge Dagaberde of Fraunce he sayde

The kynges hevede of Fraunce

The kyng of Fraunce the maydyn hyght

To the kynge of Fraunce the maydyn sende

The realme of Fraunce durste noght

In Fraunce felle a werre stronge

Into Fraunce with hym to go

That he sulde hange the kynge of Frauncce

Thritty florence for the keste he

Florence bothe brode and bryghte

The Emperoure gafe hir fowrty pownde / Of florence

How thay bothe to the erthe felle

That ever was appon Cristyn molde

To Cleremont with the may thay flede

The kynge of Calabre

The kynge of Calabire made evyll chere

The kyng of Calabire answere wolde

Florent rode to Borow Lerayne

And wolde hafe ravesched me fra Borow Lerayne

At Mountmertrous besyde Borogh Larayn

Besyde the water banke of Sayne

That stondyth over the banke of Sayne

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