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Praye we now to hevenes kynge

And stabylde Crystyndome thame inne

Thankede be the heghe kyng of hevene

And of the Sarazenes many alswa

Thay slewe the haythene knyghttes swa

The Sarazenes faylede hym at that nede

Fele Sarazenes semblede that tyde

And alle the haythene ther was mett

To thame that haythene ware

Crystene lawes to kepe in that tyde

Of haythene landes thare

In haythynenes

Ilkone hade a florence

And wele the gretis now oure hevens kynge

The kynge of hevene wele gretis the

Withowttene the burghe of Bedeleme

In to that haythene stede

In Acris gunne thay lende

To a havene of the Grekkes see

And those heythene houndes

For that he hade the Sarazenes slayne

The Crystene kynes were fulle fayne

And whenne the Sarazenes were alle slayne

Agaynes the Sarazenes helde he fyghttes

A Crystyne erle hym helpede one loft

?one heythene sowdane that I may ?elde

That Cristyne and haythene samene solde mete

That Cristyne and haythene samene solde mete

Those Sarazenes for to byde

The Crystene kynges hase fledde so lange

The sowdane werreyede in Cristene lande

Unto the heghe kyng of hevene

Of florence that bene rede and rownde

That ware commene owte of hevene

Against Crystyndomme fyghte no fare

A Sarazene he sawe wele that he was

The Sarazens said he was a spye

There the sowdane of those Sarazenes was inne

For Goddis lufe of hevene!

That Cristendome was commene to wynne

And entred in towarde? the Greckes see

Werldes wele I wille for-sake

Werldes wele the bus for-goo

The kynge of hevene gretis the soo

Undir the kynge of hevene!

Als any erthly mane thurte see

And hevene unto oure mede!

Jhesu Crist

Here begynnes the Romance off Syr ysumbrace
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