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Here bygynnes the Romance off Octovyane [0]

In the bukes of Rome als it es tolde [10]

The kynges of Fraunce ne es it noghte [1062]

That Rome sall wrange ayerde bee [107]

Full many a Sarezene made he to blede [1089]

To Paresche he tuke the waye [1096]

To Cleremont with the may thay flede [1098]

At the Mont Martyn late me lye no more [1113]

Thore was no man of hethen londe [1118]

That he sulde hange the kynge of Frauncce [1128]

That me to Paresche wolde hafe broghte [1158]

At the Monte Martyne I wolde ye were [1169]

Men callede hym Florent of Paresche [1181]

For thus in romance tolde it es [1182]

The kyng of Fraunce byfore hym yode [1202]

The kynge of Fraunce with hert ful fayne [1223]

Thritty florence for the keste he [1247]

Thay callede hym than Florent of Rome [1290]

That ever was appon Cristyn molde [1299]

The kynge of Fraunce me hedir sende [1331]

The kynge of Fraunce welecome sall be [1343]

And wolde hafe ravesched me fra Borow Lerayne [1359]

Agayne the Sarazenes alle [1378]

Unto Parische als it laye [1398]

In Rome ther was ane Emperoure [14]

Amonge the Sarazens kene [1411]

To the Mont Martyne appon Seyne [1438]

To the Mont Martyne appon Seyne [1438]

Florent rode to Borow Lerayne [1475]

Besyde the water banke of Sayne [1476]

Als men in romance rede [15]

In alle this werlde es non so free [1511]

In the werlde es none so gude at nede [1533]

To Paresche he tuke the waye [1546]

A Sarazene als he were [1560]

He saide he was a Sarazene stronge [1570]

Sir there es no man in heythen thede [1573]

Unto Paresche als it laye [1601]

Bot to the Emperoure of Rome [1609]

Agenste the Sarsyns to fyght [1629]

Fro Mont Martrons there the lady lay [1636]

To Paresche he broght hur away [1637]

Thore was no Sarazene of myghte ne mayne [1654]

The Sarsyns buskyd them wyth pryde [1663]

The Emperour and the kyng of Fraunce [1667]

How the Sowdon was yn Fraunce [1676]

In Jerusalem men can hyt here [1678]

How the Emperour of Rome was there [1679]

Into Fraunce wyth the to ryde [1693]

When the Sarsyns were yslayne [1736]

The kyng of Fraunce and odur moo [1744]

Or he dud the kynge of Fraunce [1751]

In romance thus we rede [1806]

To Paresche righte thore scho was [1809]

And into Rome was scho ledde [1817]

To Rome than wente the Emperoure [1838]

The kynge of Calabre [190]

In the werlde ther ne was a better knyghte [20]

The kyng of Calabire answere wolde [221]

The kynge of Calabire made evyll chere [241]

Now Lorde scho sayd of hevens blysse [259]

And heven qwene also [261]

How thay bothe to the erthe felle [281]

The Emperoure gafe hir fowrty pownde / Of florence [281]

In romance als we rede [282]

Mary mayden [322]

And Emprice of Rome hase bene [392]

Jhesu fadir of heven kynge [4]

To the werlde will I me never gyffe [403]

Into the Holy Londe [405]

And to the Grekkes se scho came [407]

That hyghte Jerusalem [489]

He kende hir for the Emprice of Rome [506]

In Jerusalem thus gan scho duelle [529]

To the Grekkes se thay it bare [569]

A burgesse of Pareche com than nere [574]

Florence bothe brode and bryghte [579]

Ye wote I ame youre werldes fere [58]

Into Fraunce with hym to go [596]

And unto Paresche he yede [600]

The burgesche of Paresche wer ful fayne [601]

In the Holy Lond I hym gatt [610]

And als it es in romance tolde [631]

As the chylde thorow the cyte of Parys yede [718]

In Fraunce felle a werre stronge [761]

Octavyon [772]

To Parys sone he come [773]

In Parys a monyth the oost lay [778]

The realme of Fraunce durste noght [782]

In crystendome or hethynnes [788]

To the kynge of Fraunce the maydyn sende [790]

To lye at Mountmertrous there nerehonde [791]

From Parys mylys thre [792]

At Mountmertrous besyde Borogh Larayn [793]

At Mountmertrous besyde Borogh Larayn [793]

That stondyth over the banke of Sayne [794]

The kyng of Fraunce the maydyn hyght [796]

Paresche [811]

To the Mount Martyn ther the lady laye [816]

And Paresche I hafe hym hyghte [823]

The kynges hevede of Fraunce [825]

Unto Paresche that ilke daye [840]

Kynge Dagaberde of Fraunce he sayde [866]

Paresche []
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