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Here begynnes the Romance off Syr ysumbrace [0]

Jhesu Crist [1]

And entred in towarde? the Greckes see [214]

That Cristendome was commene to wynne [226]

For Goddis lufe of hevene! [242]

There the sowdane of those Sarazenes was inne [244]

The Sarazens said he was a spye [249]

Als any erthly mane thurte see [26]

A Sarazene he sawe wele that he was [277]

Against Crystyndomme fyghte no fare [280]

That ware commene owte of hevene [290]

Of florence that bene rede and rownde [295]

And hevene unto oure mede! [3]

Undir the kynge of hevene! [30]

Unto the heghe kyng of hevene [384]

The sowdane werreyede in Cristene lande [418]

The Crystene kynges hase fledde so lange [420]

Those Sarazenes for to byde [422]

That Cristyne and haythene samene solde mete [424]

That Cristyne and haythene samene solde mete [424]

?one heythene sowdane that I may ?elde [436]

A Crystyne erle hym helpede one loft [445]

The kynge of hevene gretis the soo [46]

Agaynes the Sarazenes helde he fyghttes [462]

And whenne the Sarazenes were alle slayne [464]

The Crystene kynes were fulle fayne [465]

Werldes wele the bus for-goo [47]

For that he hade the Sarazenes slayne [489]

And those heythene houndes [490]

To a havene of the Grekkes see [504]

In Acris gunne thay lende [508]

In to that haythene stede [511]

Withowttene the burghe of Bedeleme [525]

Werldes wele I wille for-sake [53]

The kynge of hevene wele gretis the [532]

And wele the gretis now oure hevens kynge [537]

Ilkone hade a florence [555]

In haythynenes [583]

Of haythene landes thare [700]

Crystene lawes to kepe in that tyde [701]

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To thame that haythene ware [703]

And alle the haythene ther was mett [712]

Fele Sarazenes semblede that tyde [714]

The Sarazenes faylede hym at that nede [720]

Thay slewe the haythene knyghttes swa [750]

And of the Sarazenes many alswa [751]

Thankede be the heghe kyng of hevene [763]

And stabylde Crystyndome thame inne [781]

Praye we now to hevenes kynge [792]
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