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He shall of Lorraine be lord by leve of his fader [3432]

Thus in Lorraine he lenges as lord in his owen [3092]

The soveraign of Sessoine that salved was never [2907]

Then was loud upon loft Lorraine! ascried [2800]

Than I of Provence were prince and of Paris rich! [2647]

That is in Lorraine alosed as London is here [2418]

That is Lorraine the lele [2397]

Senn in Burgoine he badde to bury mo knightes [2383]

Sithen into Sessoine he sought at the gainest [1977]

To seek into Sessoine with my seker knightes [1964]

Of Perse and Port Jaffe paynimes ynow [1544]

Of Perse and Port Jaffe full many pris knightes [1520]

In Lorraine so lordly on lepand steedes. [1460]

He was a paynim of Perse that thus him persewed [1377]

Brinnes in Burgoine thy burges so rich [1241]

If thou have brought the berde he bes more blithe
Than thou gave him Borgoine or Britain the More; [1018]

The comly coste of Normandy they catchen full even [0835]

All Westfale by war he winnes as him likes [0621]

Of Perse and of Pamphile and Preter John landes [0588]

To Tartary and Turkey when tithinges is comen [0582]

To Inde and to Ermonye [0573]

In Lorraine ne in Lumbardy leve shall I nother [0429]

In Lorraine or Lumbardy whether me leve thinkes; [0350]

Then the burlich berne of Bretain the Little [0304]

Of Navarre and Norway and Normandy eek [0044]

Of Overgne and Anjou [0042]

Of Overgne and Anjou [0042]

Of Poitiers and Provence he was prince holden; [0040]

Touraine and Toulouse with towres full high [0039]

Burgoigne and Brabaunt and Bretain the less [0036]

Burgoigne and Brabaunt and Bretain the less [0036]

Burgoigne and Brabaunt and Bretain the less [0036]

Holland and Hainault they held of him bothen [0035]
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