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Alle the Dugepers of France [1870]

Of the cheualrye of France [1183]

Hethenes of Argyle and Irish kinges [4123]

When Bretones boldly enbraces their sheldes [4111]

And all Bretons bold [4104]

Of Argyle and Orkney the Irish kinges [3934]

Of Argyle and Orkney the Irish kinges [3934]

Spanioles speedily sprented over-bordes [3700]

Then Bretons brothly with brandes they hewen [3695]

Til all the Danes were dede and in the deep throwen! [3694]

And thus the derf Denmarkes had dight all their shippes [3610]

Of Ireland and Argyle [3534]

Dubbed of the Denmarkes dukes and erles [3528]

For thou art Breton berne [3508]

Reverences the Romans in his rich table [3201]

Rehetes the Romanes at his rich table [3198]

With freke men of Fraunce well a five hundreth; [3113]

Of gomes of Gernaide that grevous are holden [2943]

Then the genatours of Gene enjoines at ones [2897]

Paynims of Prussland [2835]

With double of the Dutch-men that doughty were holden [2834]

Wyes of the Westfale [2826]

But the frek men of Fraunce fraist themselven; [2821]

That is flowr of Fraunce [2730]

The wyes of the Westfale [2656]

The doughtiest of Dolfinede and Dutch-men many [2653]

For all the barbours of Bretain shall not thy blood staunch [2577]

The Fraunchmen enfeebleshes; ne ferly me thinkes! [2484]

All the frek men of Fraunce followed thereafter [2454]

The tyrauntes of Tuskan tempest a little [2408]

Redy ay with Romanes to riot my landes. [2403]

Has the Romanes rich rebuked for ever! [2374]

To reckon these Romanes recreant and yelden [2334]

Romanes the richest and real kinges [2270]

Cosin of Cornwall [2262]

Then the Romans releved that ere were rebuked [2234]

By then the Romanes were rebuked at little [2153]

Then the Romanes and the renkes of the Round Table [2135]

I wend no Bretons wolde be bashed for so little [2121]

Dartes the Dutch-men delten againes [2101]

Then bowmen of Bretain brothely there-after [2095]

The vassalage of Viterbo today shall be revenged! [2048]

And the riotours of Rome that regned with lordes [2034]

For dauncesing of Dutch-men and dinning of pipes [2030]

Rewled his Romans and real knightes [2023]

Among the Turkes was tint and in time founden [1917]

To rip up the Romanes rudlich wounded [1877]

The Bretons brothely brittenes so many [1862]

And then the Romanes rout removes a little [1761]

And then the Bretons brothely enbraces their sheldes [1753]

And let it never be reft us for Roman in erthe; [1733]

For there shall never Roman that in my rout rides [1704]

Now bounes the Britons als the king biddes [1617]

To ride with the Romanes in route with their feres [1608]

The remenaunt of the Romanes be in arrest holden [1553]

There might men see Romans rewfully wounded [1523]

Then the Bretons boldly braggen their trumpes [1484]

The Romanes then redyly arrayes them better [1453]

Then the Bretons brothely broches their steedes [1449]

Rebuked with Romanes upon their rich steedes [1445]

Then the Bretons on the bente abides no lenger [1431]

The Romanes redies them [1427]

Then were Bretons abaist and greved a little [1423]

The Romans out of array removed at ones [1417]

There was Romans over [1415]

Bretons of the boldest [1414]

Arrested of the Romans that by the firth rides [1409]

Then the enbushment of Bretons broke out at ones [1407]

There were Bretons enbushed and banerettes noble [1403]

Then the rich Romans returnes their bridles [1395]

Then a rich man of Rome relied to his bernes [1391]

And of the Romans arrayed upon rich steedes [1361]

Ever were these Bretons braggers of old! [1348]

And then the Romans so rich had arrayed their tentes [1291]

He drawes into douce Fraunce [1251]

Arrayed with his Romans upon rich steedes; [611]

By that the Greekes were graithed [602]

And I may see the Romans that are so rich holden [387]

To ride on yon Romans and riot their landes [341]

For radness of no Roman that regnes in erthe [310]

When the Romans regned they ransound our elders [293]

Til all the rich on row [238]

Reheted the Romans with real speche [221]

By resoun that the Romans were so rich holden [174]

The Romanes for radness rusht to the erthe [120]
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