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The hethenes of Orkney [4163]

Irish kinges [4163]

I see Sir Ewain over-set with Sarazenes keen! [4136]

Irish kinges [4123]

Hethenes of Argyle [4123]

When Bretones boldly enbraces their sheldes [4111]

And all Bretons bold [4104]

They are Sarazenes [4088]

With the Sarazenes unsound encircled about [3942]

And the Guthede king in the gay armes [3937]

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Of Argyle and Orkney the Irish kinges [3934]

Of Argyle and Orkney the Irish kinges [3934]

Of Argyle and Orkney the Irish kinges [3934]

Erles of Afrike and Estriche bernes [3933]

Erles of Afrike and Estriche bernes [3933]

King Frederik of Fres [3864]

We shall for yon Sarazenes [3804]

We are with Sarazenes beset upon sere halves! [3795]

Soudeours and Sarazenes out of sere landes [3786]

Dukes of Danemark [3783]

The King of Gotheland [3763]

Spanioles speedily sprented over-borders [3700]

Then Bretons brothly with brandes they hewen [3695]

Til all the Danes were dede [3694]

Sir Launcelot de Lake [3638]

And thus the derf Denmarkes [3610]

To soudeours and Sarazenes out of sere landes! [3574]

Of Ireland and Argyle [3534]

Of Sarazenes and Sessoines upon sere halves [3530]

Of Sarazenes and Sessoines upon sere halves [3530]

Dubbed of the Denmarkes [3528]

For thou art Breton berne [3508]

Sir Arthur of England [3500]

Ector of Troy [3409]

The Emperour of Almaine and all these este marches [3210]

Reverences the Romans in his rich table [3201]

Rehetes the Romanes at his rich table [3198]

The Sire of Milan herde say the citee was wonnen [3134]

With freke men of Fraunce well a five hundreth; [3113]

The countess of Crasine with her clere maidens [3045]

Lordes of Lorraine and Lumbardy bothen [2997]

But one Swyan of Swecy [2958]

Of gomes of Gernaide that grevous are holden [2943]

Senn at the assemblee the Sarazenes discoveres [2906]

Then the genatours of Gene enjoines at ones [2897]

Has joined on Sir Gerard [2890]

But one Jolyan of Gene [2889]

Bannerettes of Bretain [2855]

Paynims of Prussland [2835]

With double of the Dutch-men that doughty were holden [2834]

Then the Duke of Lorraine dresses thereafter [2833]

Wyes of the Westfale [2826]

But the frek men of Fraunce fraist themselven; [2821]

They are with Sarazenes over-set [2815]

That was Raynald of the Rodes [2785]

That is flowr of Fraunce [2730]

Of Sessoine and Suryland Sarazenes ynow; [2657]

The wyes of the Westfale [2656]

The lordes of Lumbardy that leders are holden [2654]

The doughtiest of Dolfinede and Dutch-men many [2653]

The Duke of Lorraine the derf and his dere knightes [2652]

Abler than ever was Sir Ector of Troy! [2635]

The uncle of his aiele [2603]

For all the barbours of Bretain shall not thy blood staunch [2577]

The Capitain of Cardiff [2498]

The Fraunchmen enfeebleshes; ne ferly me thinkes! [2484]

All the frek men of Fraunce followed thereafter [2454]

The tyrauntes of Tuskan tempest a little [2408]

Redy ay with Romanes to riot my landes. [2403]

Has the Romanes rich rebuked for ever! [2374]

To reckon these Romanes recreant and yelden [2334]

Then the bannerettes of Bretain brought them to tents [2330]

Sixty of the chef senatours of Rome. [2297]

The Sowdan of Surry and certain kinges [2296]

Sowdan [2277]

Sowdan [2277]

Romanes the richest and real kinges [2270]

Then the Romans releved that ere were rebuked [2234]

That was eier of Egypt in those este marches [2200]

By then the Romanes were rebuked at little [2153]

Then the Romanes and the renkes of the Round Table [2135]

I wend no Bretons wolde be bashed for so little [2121]

Dartes the Dutch-men delten againes [2101]

The vassalage of Viterbo today shall be revenged! [2048]

Viscount of Valence [2047]

When these wordes was said [2044]

Inset all the Sarazenes within seven winter [2038]

the riotuors of Rome [2034]

For dauncesing of Dutch-men and dinning of pipes [2030]

the Viscount of Rome [2024]

Rewled his Romans and real knightes [2023]

Sir Cador of Cornwall [2002]

The rich Duke of Rouen [1996]

the Viscount of Rome [1984]

Sir Valiant of Wales [1983]

lordes of Lumbardy [1972]

Soveraignes of Sarazens [1960]

Sir Meneduke of Mentoche [1919]

Good Sir Mawrelle of Mawnces [1918]

Among the Turkes was tint and in time founden [1917]

Sir Aladuke of Towell with his tender knightes [1916]

The King of Surry himselven and Sarazenes ynow [1911]

The King of Surry himselven and Sarazenes ynow [1911]

The Seneschal of Sutere [1910]

With erles of Orient and austeren knightes [1906]

To rip up the Romanes rudlich wounded [1877]

The Seneschal of Sutere to Sagramour himselven. [1871]

The King of Surry the keen to Sir Cador is yelden [1870]

With the Erl of Afrike and other grete lordes. [1869]

The Capitain of Cordewa [1866]

The Bretons brothely brittenes so many [1862]

The sekerest Sarazenes that to that sorte longed [1854]

Sir Cador of Cornwall he counters them soon [1848]

Sembled his Sarazens and senatours many [1846]

The King of Surry then is sorrowful in herte [1844]

With lordes of Lyby and led to their strenghes; [1827]

The King of Lyby has laght a steed that him liked [1817]

Then the Lyby king cries full loud [1803]

Then laughs the Lyby king [1781]

And then Sir Cador of Cornwall is careful in herte [1777]

The King of Lyby before the avauntward he ledes [1767]

And then the Romanes rout removes a little [1761]

And then the Bretons brothely enbraces their sheldes [1753]

And let it never be reft us for Roman in erthe; [1733]

For there shall never Roman that in my rout rides [1704]

Then says the King of Surry [1687]

Sir Cador of Cornwall commaundes his peeres [1637]

The senatour of Sutere with summes full huge [1627]

The king of Surry himself with Sarazens ynow; [1626]

The king of Surry himself with Sarazens ynow; [1626]

Sir Sextynour of Lyby and senatours many [1625]

Erles of the Orient with austeren knightes [1623]

Now bounes the Britons als the king biddes [1617]

To ride with the Romanes in route with their feres [1608]

The remenaunt of the Romanes be in arrest holden [1553]

The chef chaunceller of Rome [1541]

There might men see Romans rewfully wounded [1523]

Then the Bretons boldly braggen their trumpes [1484]

Grete lordes of Greece greved so high. [1463]

The Romanes then redyly arrayes them better [1453]

Then the Bretons brothely broches their steedes [1449]

Rebuked with Romanes upon their rich steedes [1445]

Then the Bretons on the bente abides no lenger [1431]

The Romanes redies them [1427]

Then were Bretons abaist and greved a little [1423]

The Romans out of array removed at ones [1417]

There was Romans over [1415]

Bretons of the boldest [1414]

Erles of England [1412]

Arrested of the Romans that by the firth rides [1409]

Then the enbushment of Bretons broke out at ones [1407]

There were Bretons enbushed and banerettes noble [1403]

Sir Marshall de Mowne [1397]

Then the rich Romans returnes their bridles [1395]

a rich man of Rome [1391]

And of the Romans arrayed upon rich steedes [1361]

Ever were these Bretons braggers of old! [1348]

And then the Romans so rich had arrayed their tentes [1291]

prayes thee for Petere love [1256]

He drawes into douce Fraunce [1251]

Fro the Marshal of Fraunce [1233]

Til the Britones king have burnisht his lippes [1011]

The duchess of Bretain today has he taken [0853]

Erles of Yngland with archers ynow. [0725]

Overling of Yngland [0710]

And sujourns that sesoun with Sarazenes ynow. [0624]

Arrayed with his Romans upon rich steedes; [0611]

The Sowdan of Surry [0608]

The sowdanes and Sarazenes out of sere landes [0607]

By that the Greekes were graithed [0602]

Sodenly the Sarazenes [0599]

The King of Cyprus on the se the Sowdan abides [0596]

The Sowdan of Surry assembles his knightes [0590]

By certes thou was my sandes and senatour of Rome [0513]

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And I may see the Romans that are so rich holden [0387]

To ride on yon Romans and riot their landes [0341]

Til that I have vanquisht the Viscount of Rome [0325]

A! A! says the Welsh king; worshipped be Crist! [0320]

For radness of no Roman that regnes in erthe [0310]

When the Romans regned they ransound our elders [0293]

That eier was of Yngland and emperour of Rome [0283]

Sir Cador of Cornwall [0247]

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Til all the rich on row [0238]

Reheted the Romans with real speche: [0221]

By resoun that the Romans were so rich holden [0174]

The Romanes for radness rusht to the erthe [0120]

Slogh Lucius the lithere that lord was of Rome [0023]
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