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They were wroght in Westwale [1511]

than alle the golde in the Ryn [542]

Fra Flaundres vn-to Granade [131]

Fra Flaundres vn-to Granade [131]

In France and in Bretayne [22]

Of Glamour [3862]

Lights not in Lumbardy but when the light failed [3594]

Turnes through Tuskane [3593]

And tenderly to Tuskane take tent als I bid; [3586]

Lookes into Lumbardy that there no lede change [3585]

Hostayand in this Orient with awful knightes [3502]

With perry of the Orient and precious stones [3461]

He shall of Lorraine be lord by leve of his fader [3432]

I was in Surry a Sire and set by mine one [3312]

In the Vertenonne vale the vines i-monges; [3169]

Toward Viterbo this valiant aveeres the reines; [3164]

Into Tuskane he turnes when thus wel timed [3150]

For Pise and for Pavy he proffers full large [3141]

For Plesaunce [3140]

Lookand on Lumbardy and on loud meles: [3108]

Thus in Lorraine he lenges as lord in his owen [3092]

Lordes of Lorraine and Lumbardy bothen [2997]

The soveraign of Sessoine that salved was never [2907]

Then was loud upon loft Lorraine! ascried [2800]

Of Sessoine and Suryland Sarazenes ynow; [2657]

The doughtiest of Dolfinede and Dutch-men many [2653]

Than I of Provence were prince and of Paris rich! [2647]

With all the wisest men of the west marches [2496]

That is in Lorraine alosed as London is here [2418]

Then will I by Lumbardy [2406]

That is Lorraine the lele [2397]

Senn in Burgoine he badde to bury mo knightes [2383]

That Arthur in the Occident occupies at ones. [2360]

That are of the Orient with honourable kinges. [2289]

Fro Viterbo to Venice these valiant knightes [2025]

Sithen into Sessoine he sought at the gainest [1977]

To seek into Sessoine with my seker knightes [1964]

Cries [1791]

That eieres were of Essex and all those este marches [1740]

And in the Champain land full fair they escheved [1620]

In Lorraine so lordly on lepand steedes. [1460]

Brinnes in Burgoine thy burges so rich [1241]

But in the mountes of Araby I met such another; [1175]

Than thou gave him Borgoine or Britain the More [1018]

The comly coste of Normandy they catchen full even [835]

Then come out of the Orient [774]

All Westfale by war he winnes as him likes [621]

Pulle and Prussland [604]

With all the reales of Rhodes arrayed with him one; [597]

To Garyere and to Galilee they gader all at ones [592]

Of Perse and of Pamphile and Preter John landes [588]

Of Crete and of Capados the honourable kinges [580]

To Arraby and Egypt [576]

Anon into the Orient with austeren knightes [571]

In at the portes of Pavia shall no prince pass [568]

They turn through Tuskane with towres full high; [499]

And so into Lumbardy [498]

And turn into Tuskane when me time thinkes [431]

In Lorraine ne in Lumbardy leve shall I nother [429]

In Lorraine ne in Lumbardy leve shall I nother [429]

In Fraunce or in Frisland [367]

In Lorraine or Lumbardy whether me leve thinkes; [350]

In Lorraine or Lumbardy whether me leve thinkes; [350]

Of the wightest wyes in all yon West Landes! [336]

Of Wyghte and of Welshland and of the West Marches [334]

He was in Tuskane that time and took of our knightes [328]

Then the burlich berne of Bretain the Little [304]

Thou durst not for all Lumbardy look on him ones! [135]

For if thou flee into Fraunce or Frisland other [110]

Made in mid-winter in tho West Marches! [77]

In Glamorgan with glee there gladship was ever [59]

Of Navarre and Norway and Normandy eek [44]

Of Navarre and Norway and Normandy eek [44]

Of Overgne and Anjou [42]

Of Overgne and Anjou [42]

Of Poitiers and Provence he was prince holden; [40]

Touraine and Toulouse with towres full high [39]

Guienne and Gothland and Grace the rich [37]

Burgoigne and Brabaunt and Bretain the less [36]

Burgoigne and Brabaunt and Bretain the less [36]

Burgoigne and Brabaunt and Bretain the less [36]

Holland and Hainault they held of him bothen [35]

Argayle and Orkney and all these oute-iles [30]
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