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Sir Sere of Cypirs he highte [166]

Sir Arthur de Bretayne [1483]

Godfreye de Boloyne [1482]

And to Sir Launcelot de Lake lordlich wordes [3638]

Sir Arthur of England [3500]

The tother Ector of Troy [3409]

But one Swyan of Swecy [2958]

But one Jolyan of Gene [2889]

That was Raynald of the Rodes [2785]

Abler than ever was Sir Ector of Troy! [2635]

The uncle of his aiele [2603]

Sir Cador of Cornwall [2002]

Sir Valiant of Wales with valiant knightes [1983]

Sir Meneduke of Mentoche with marvelous knightes [1919]

Good Sir Mawrelle of Mawnces and Mawrene his brother [1918]

Sir Aladuke of Towell with his tender knightes [1916]

Sir Cador of Cornwall he counters them soon [1848]

And then Sir Cador of Cornwall is careful in herte [1777]

Sir Cador of Cornwall commaundes his peeres [1637]

Sir Sextynour of Lyby and senatours many [1625]

How Sir Marshall de Mowne is on the molde leved [1397]

Sir Cador of Cornwall to the king carpes [247]

Thay callede hym than Florent of Rome [1290]
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