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When he werid in Spayne [1769]

When I werreyde in Spayne [437]

In Haythynnes and in Spayne [21]

In France ne in Scotlande [14]

Made in Yngland ne in France [1826]

In France and in Bretayne [22]

In France ne in Scotlande [14]

With ringes and relickes and the regale of Fraunce [4207]

Then drawes he to Dorset and dreches no lenger [4052]

The noblest of Norway [3935]

Ayer into Ireland [3909]

Of Glamour [3862]

And leders of Lettow with legions ynow [3784]

The doughtiest of Danemark undone are forever! [3752]

Archers of England full egerly shootes [3685]

Ferkes even into Flandresh with his fers knightes [3597]

Ayers through Almaine even at the gainest [3596]

For-thy to Bretain the Brode buske us behooves [3579]

Of Ireland and Argyle [3534]

Soveraignes of Surgenale and soudeours many [3532]

How fares it in Bretain with all my bold bernes? [3519]

Shall Karolus be called [3423]

That thou fremedly in Fraunce has fey beleved. [3405]

Found abbeyes in Fraunce [3403]

Fro Spain into Spruysland the word of him springes [3162]

For he had in Prussland much prise wonnen; [2788]

And fremedly o Fraunce be flemed for ever! [2738]

Of Sessoine and Suryland Sarazenes ynow; [2657]

Lenges at Lusheburgh to lechen his knightes [2388]

Enteres to Almaine with hostes arrayed [2387]

When he had foughten in Fraunce and the feld wonnen [2375]

We have foughten in Fraunce and us is foul happened [2365]

To brawl you for Bretain ne his brode landes [2362]

Of England [2359]

Of England [2359]

And fought with the frekkest that to Fraunce longes. [2164]

To Bretain the Brodder within ship-bordes [1699]

I had lever than all Fraunce [1344]

He drawes into douce Fraunce [1251]

I witter thee the Emperour is enterd into Fraunce [1239]

Than thou gave him Borgoine or Britain the More [1018]

And sithen garnisht in Greece full graithely togeders; [1000]

he has a kirtle on [999]

Mo florines [886]

I had lever than all Fraunce this fifteen winter [873]

Sho was the flowr of all Fraunce or of five rewmes [861]

Even into Almaine [618]

The lege-men of Lettow with legions ynow. [605]

Pulle and Prussland [604]

The mightiest of Macedone [603]

Of Perse and of Pamphile and Preter John landes [588]

The flowr of the fair folk of Amazonnes landes; [584]

To Tartary and Turkey when tithinges is comen [582]

Of Crete and of Capados the honourable kinges [580]

To Arraby and Egypt [576]

To Irritaine and Elamet [575]

To Inde and to Ermonye [573]

Til Ambyganye and Orcage and Alisaundere eek [572]

Til Ambyganye and Orcage and Alisaundere eek [572]

Send frekly into Fraunce [556]

To hostay in Almaine with armed knightes; [555]

Til Aachen in Almaine [496]

And through Flaunders they found [495]

And fled at the fore flood; in Flaunders they rowed [494]

I shall be founden in Fraunce [435]

In Fraunce or in Frisland [367]

Of Wyghte and of Welshland and of the West Marches [334]

Of Wyghte and of Welshland and of the West Marches [334]

In West Wales [322]

I dare say for Scotland that we them scathe limped; [293]

That eier was of Yngland and emperour of Rome [283]

For if thou flee into Fraunce or Frisland other [110]

Brin Bretain the brode and britten thy knightes [106]

Sways into Swaldie with his snell houndes [57]

Sithen went into Wales with his wyes all [56]

In Bretain the brodder [55]

Fro Swynne unto Swetherwike [47]

Denmark he dressed all by drede of himselven [46]

Of Almaine [45]

Of Almaine [45]

Of Navarre and Norway and Normandy eek [44]

Holland and Hainault they held of him bothen [35]

bothe Flaunders and Fraunce free til himselven [34]

bothe Flaunders and Fraunce free til himselven [34]

And Wales of war he won at his will [33]

Scathel Scotland by skill he skiftes as him likes [32]

Ireland utterly [31]

Into Fraunce wyth the to ryde [1693]

How the Sowdon was yn Fraunce [1676]

The realme of Fraunce durste noght [782]

In Fraunce felle a werre stronge [761]

Into Fraunce with hym to go [596]
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