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Receive the rentes of Rome [3587]

But I will pass in pilgrimage this pas to Rome [3496]

for Rome is thine owen [3373]

With the rentes of Rome [3215]

Rome is our owen! [3207]

the hostage of Rome [3205]

Fro Spain into Spruysland the word of him springes [3162]

For he had in Prussland much prise wonnen; [2788]

He has been rebel to Rome and ridden their landes [2598]

In Rome there he regnes he is rich holden; [2597]

Now they raik to Rome the rediest wayes [2352]

Forthy shove they them to shew for skomfit of Rome. [2335]

So ye do my message menskfully at Rome [2322]

Two senatours we are [2314]

Closed in kestes clene unto Rome [2302]

That all the rich shall repent that to Rome longes [1679]

Of our rentes of Rome [1667]

Shall he never sound see his seinoures in Rome [1577]

Til their rentes in Rome be rightwisly knowen. [1554]

Empire of Rome [1308]

That occupies mine heritage [0643]

Pulle and Prussland [0604]

The mightiest of Macedone [0603]

The sowdanes that were seker soudeours to Rome; [0593]

For yif he reche unto Rome [0549]

I wolde forsake all my suite of seignoury of Rome [0527]

And ettles to be overling of the empire of Rome [0520]

For reverence and realtee of Rome the noble; [0512]

Yif he be rebel to Rome [0510]

And seekes the saintes of Rome by assent of knightes; [0503]

The rent ne red gold that unto Rome longes [0465]

Though Sir Lucius had laid thee the lordship of Rome [0460]

To make route into Rome with riotous knightes. [0379]

That occupies thine heritage [0359]

That thus regnes at Rome [0287]

I have title to take tribute of Rome; [0275]

He asked me tyrauntly tribute of Rome [0271]

There regned never such realtee within Rome walles! [0228]

For by the realtee of Rome [0155]

We lenge with Sir Lucius [0128]

In the regestre? of Rome [0113]

Though thou for reddour of Rome run to the erthe! [0109]

Why thou art rebel to Rome and rentes them with-holdes! [0103]

That thou be redy at Rome with all thy Round Table [0093]

Sir Lucius Iberius [0086]

So come in sodenly a senatour of Rome [0080]
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