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Thee shall rescue no renk ne riches in erthe! [4229]

Of all that Alexander ought whiles he in erthe lenged! [4160]

Yif him be destained to die today on this erthe [4153]

Yif us be destained to die today on this erthe [4090]

In citee ne in suburb set upon erthe [4043]

And that the body be baumed and on erthe holden [4020]

Ne yet with gerefaucon rejoice me in erthe [4004]

And wrote unto Waynor how the world changed [3904]

And hurtes of the hardiest that on the erthe lenges [3830]

Fell never fey man such fortune in erthe! [3828]

Bes not abaist of their boste [3737]

Of Arthur the avenaunt [3651]

Ne for no wye of this world that wrought is on erthe! [3495]

Ne for no wye of this world that wrought is on erthe! [3495]

Whiles this world is o war [3480]

For the doughtiest that ever was dwelland in erthe [3443]

Als ninde of the noblest named in erthe [3439]

Golias the grete gome [3419]

That was conquerours kidd and crowned in erthe [3407]

Was no pomerie so pight of princes in erthe [3364]

In sign that I soothly was soveraign in erthe [3357]

Enameld with azure [3355]

Before all the cheftaines chosen in this erthe [3348]

Of all the valiant men that ever was in erthe [3341]

as two of the chefest chosen in erthe [3327]

one of the doughtiest that dwelled in erthe; [3321]

The merriest of middle-erthe that men might behold. [3239]

Was never merrier men made on this erthe! [3175]

Was never merrier men made on this erthe! [3175]

Was never such a jousting at journee in erthe [2875]

That ever any prince lede purveyed in erthe! [2832]

Bounes to his brode sheld and bowes to the erthe; [2696]

For all our worship [2685]

By all the welth of the world so wo was them never: [2684]

Ne thou bes never ransouned for riches in erthe! [2667]

Is none redier renkes regnand in erthe; [2665]

That solaces all sinful that sight has in erthe [2512]

We shall let for no lede that lives in erthe [2326]

For His love that thee lente this lordship in erthe! [2319]

Greet well my lady the queen [2189]

And the renkes over-ran [2035]

There is none ischew of us on this erthe sprongen [1943]

Thou weenes for thy wightness the world is thine own! [1806]

And let it never be reft us for Roman in erthe; [1733]

And outrayes the Emperour [1664]

That knowen is for conquerour [1654]

Then Sir Arthur [1593]

Then the baleful birdes bounes to the erthe [1136]

Full egerly at Arthur and on the erthe hittes; [1125]

Comen of the richest that regnes in erthe; [866]

That all this world winly wisse as Him likes [671]

Ne of welth of this world but worship alone. [541]

Of king or of conquerour crowned in erthe [535]

I sholde never for Emperour that on erthe lenges [469]

My wele and my worship of all this world rich [401]

For radness of no Roman that regnes in erthe [310]

There ne is prelate ne pope ne prince in this erthe [229]

For he was deemed the doughtiest that dwelled in erthe. [219]

The Romanes for radness rusht to the erthe [120]

Of all that Uter in erthe ought in his time: [29]

In this wretched world through virtuous living [5]

In the werlde es none so gude at nede [1533]

In alle this werlde es non so free [1511]

To the werlde will I me never gyffe [403]

Ye wote I ame youre werldes fere [58]

In the werlde ther ne was a better knyghte [20]

How thay bothe to the erthe felle [281]

Werldes wele I wille for-sake [53]

Werldes wele the bus for-goo [47]

Als any erthly mane thurte see [26]
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