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In the wardrope at Walingford was wont to be keeped [4217]

My wardrope at Walingford I wot is destroyed [4203]

Kaires into Cornwall with care at his herte; [4054]

The way unto Winchester they went at the gainest [4011]

Sho kaires to Caerlion and caught her a veil [3916]

Toward Chester in a charre they chese her the wayes [3914]

Then sho yermes and yeyes at York in her chamber [3911]

Then kaires he to Cornwall [3897]

At Southampton on the se is seven score shippes [3546]

Keeper of Caerlion [3512]

Raikand to Rome-ward the rediest wayes [3469]

And senn in Jerusalem much joy happen [3433]

That in Jerusalem host full much joy limped [3415]

Speedes them to Spolett with speres ynow! [3161]

And he is comen to Combe and knew him as lord. [3149]

And ilk a yere for Milan a melion of gold [3144]

For Pise and for Pavy he proffers full large [3141]

For Plesaunce [3140]

For Plesaunce [3140]

Now is the conquerour in Combe and his court holdes [3128]

And on Lammas day to Lucerne he wendes [3094]

The duke to Dover is dight and all his dere knightes [3066]

I give thee in Hampton a hundreth pound large! [3031]

Was fostered in Famacoste; the fend was his fader; [2761]

Than I of Provence were prince and of Paris rich! [2647]

Of Alexandere and Afrike and all tho out-landes [2607]

No surgeon in Salerne shall save thee the better [2587]

That is in Lorraine alosed as London is here [2418]

To the march of Meyes [2417]

Other Peter or Paul [2415]

Good Sir Cador at Came [2385]

The corse of Kayous the keen at Came is beleved [2380]

He buries at Bayonne Sir Bedwere the rich; [2379]

On the coste of Constantine by the clere strandes [2373]

The part from Port Jaffe to Paradise gates! [2039]

Fro Viterbo to Venice these valiant knightes [2025]

Or enter into Auguste aunters to seek [1967]

And passes unto Paris with prisoners himselven [1888]

At the citee of Troy that time was enseged [1696]

That had perceived that Peter at Paris sholde leng [1631]

Trays toward Troys the tresoun to work [1629]

Toward Chartres they chese [1619]

Prikes now privily to Paris the rich [1609]

I give thee for thy tithandes Toulouse the rich [1567]

Of Perse and Port Jaffe paynimes ynow [1544]

Of Perse and Port Jaffe full many pris knightes [1520]

After my rentes in Rome may redyly further. [1509]

All the realest renkes that to Rome longes [1410]

I shall nought leve in Paris [1340]

Then blithely fro Barflete he buskes on the morn [1223]

That many Cristen has killed in Constantine landes; [1187]

Senn bere it to Barflete and brace it in iron

The best that was in Basel [908]

Than in Troy was [888]

Fro Gene unto Gerone by Jesu of heven! [864]

Fro Gene unto Gerone by Jesu of heven! [864]

Beside Reines as sho rode with her rich knightes [854]

In the countree of Constantine no kind has he leved [849]

A grete giaunt of Gene [844]

As he at Carlisle commaunded at Cristenmass himselven. [839]

And blithely at Barflete these bold are arrived [836]

Sought toward Sandwich; sho sees him no more. [720]

In the palais of York a parlement he holdes [636]

At Sandwich on the se [635]

Bides me at Barflete upon the blithe stremes [629]

And keepes me at Constantine [628]

In the countree of Coloine castelles enseges [623]

At the citee of Rome assembled at ones. [609]

Fro the citee of Rome sixty mile large. [601]

Craftyly at Cornett the kinges are arrived [600]

To Garyere and to Galilee they gader all at ones [592]

Fro Nilus to Nazareth [591]

Bayous with their baronage bides no longer; [587]

Of Babylon and Baldake the burlich knightes [586]

Of Babylon and Baldake the burlich knightes [586]

They turn in by Thebay [583]

Of Damaske and Damiet [578]

Of Damaske and Damiet [578]

To Irritaine and Elamet [575]

Til Ambyganye and Orcage and Alisaundere eek [572]

Many giaunt of Gene [559]

The Sononday in Sutere they sujourn their horses [500]

Til Aachen in Almaine [496]

the sound of the se and Sandwich belles [490]

To Catrik them conveyed and to Crist them bekenned. [482]

Kaires out of Carlisle [480]

Fro Carlisle to the coste there thy cogge lenges; [476]

Seven days to Sandwich I set at the large; [447]

To sege the citee of Rome within seven winter [440]

To Miloine the marvelous and mine down the walles; [428]

In the Vale of Viterbo vitail my knights [353]

both of Petersand and of Pis and of the Pount Tremble; [352]

both of Petersand and of Pis and of the Pount Tremble; [352]

both of Petersand and of Pis and of the Pount Tremble; [352]

Merk unto Meloine and mine down the walles [351]

As I past in pilgrimage by the Pount Tremble. [327]

That wrought me at Viterbo a vilany ones [326]

Sir Owghtreth on tother side [234]

Then after at Carlisle a Christenmass he holdes [64]

That Caerlion was called [61]

Of Valence and Vienne [41]

Of Valence and Vienne [41]

Of Poitiers and Provence he was prince holden; [40]

Touraine and Toulouse with towres full high [39]

Bayonne and Bourdeaux he belded full fair [38]

Bayonne and Bourdeaux he belded full fair [38]

Guienne and Gothland and Grace the rich [37]

Guienne and Gothland and Grace the rich [37]

To Rome than wente the Emperoure [1838]

And into Rome was scho ledde [1817]

From Parys mylys thre [792]

In Parys a monyth the oost lay [778]

To Parys sone he come [773]

As the chylde thorow the cyte of Parys yede [718]

Unto Parische als it laye [1398]

To Paresche righte thore scho was [1809]

To Paresche he broght hur away [1637]

Unto Paresche als it laye [1601]

To Paresche he tuke the waye [1546]

Men callede hym Florent of Paresche [1181]

That me to Paresche wolde hafe broghte [1158]

To Paresche he tuke the waye [1096]

Unto Paresche that ilke daye [840]

And Paresche I hafe hym hyghte [823]

Paresche [811]

The burgesche of Paresche wer ful fayne [601]

And unto Paresche he yede [600]

A burgesse of Pareche com than nere [574]

At Mountmertrous besyde Borogh Larayn [793]

To lye at Mountmertrous there nerehonde [791]

To the Mount Martyn ther the lady laye [816]

At the Monte Martyne I wolde ye were [1169]

To the Mont Martyne appon Seyne [1438]

At the Mont Martyn late me lye no more [1113]

Fro Mont Martrons there the lady lay [1636]

In Jerusalem men can hyt here [1678]

In Jerusalem thus gan scho duelle [529]

That hyghte Jerusalem [489]

To Cleremont with the may thay flede [1098]

Florent rode to Borow Lerayne [1475]

And wolde hafe ravesched me fra Borow Lerayne [1359]

At Mountmertrous besyde Borogh Larayn [793]

Paresche []

Withowttene the burghe of Bedeleme [525]

In Acris gunne thay lende [508]

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