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The Lincoln Thornton Manuscript

The most recent print facsimile of Lincoln Cathedral Library MS 91 is Derek Brewer and A. E. B. Owen, The Thornton Manuscript (Lincoln Cathedral Ms. 91) (Reprinted with Introd. Rev. ed. London: Scolar Press, 1977).

However, the most up-to-date and finer-grain list of contents can be found in Susanna Fein, "The Contents of Robert Thornton's Manuscripts," in Robert Thornton and His Books: Essays on the Lincoln and London Thornton Manuscripts, edited by Susanna Fein and Michael Johnston, pp. 13-65 (Woodbridge, Suffolk: York Medieval Press in association with The Boydell Press, 2014). The following listing, numbering, and brief descriptions of the various articles are drawn from Fein:

Booklet 1 (fols. 3-52; arts. 1-6); "the life of an ancient Worthy before that of a medi­eval one: King Arthur of Britain in the alliterative Morte Arthure" (Fein, 16):
Booklet 2 (fols. 53-178; arts. 7-36); "one of the premier medieval collections of Middle English verse romance" (Fein, 17):
Booklet 3 (fols. 179-279; arts. 37-98); "religious devotions and treatises, often in prose" (Fein, 17)
Booklet 4 (fols. 280-321; arts. 99-100); "the medical collection Liber de Diversis Medicinis" (Fein, 18)